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Miracast app allows you to share your Android screen over Wi-Fi connection to any devices like Smart TV, Projector, PC/Mac/Tablet, and more. It is a standard that enables a wireless connection between a smartphone or other device and television, without the need for a cable. Get Miracast on your device today and share your screen wirelessly to TV or projector with ease!


The app is quite simple to use. Just tap on the casting button to cast your screen. Then, select your smart TV from the list of connected devices. Miracast Windows app also supports multiple types of casting. You can cast your device’s screen or just the audio.

This service is excellent for presentations, entertainment, gaming, or any other scenario where you want to view content on a larger display.


As it was said before, free Miracast app is an application that allows you to mirror your phone or computer screen to your TV. This is great if you want to mirror your device to a larger screen, to show off movies and games to friends, or to stream media from your phone to your TV.

This app is much faster and it does not drain your device battery as much as the stock screen mirroring option. Miracast pc will automatically save your wifi password and you don’t need to enter it every time you connect to the same network. Learn more info about the Miracast app on the website.


The application is feature-rich. Miracast app download gives you the following:

  • Provides a smooth connection between your device and TV;
  • Supports HD output with the high framerate;
  • Supports remote control, automatic connection, manual connection, input text, adjust brightness, adjust volume, screen-mirroring, video output profile switch, etc.;
  • Supports various video, audio, photo, file sharing, etc.;
  • Play games on your TV with your phone or tablet as a controller.


The interface is nice and clean. After Miracast download you can see the list of players installed in your system, the list of wireless displays, of devices in range, etc. All the controls are visible on the screen. You can even resize the screen to fit into any size.


  • Can I download Miracast for free?
    Yes, it is free. But the free version is limited to 720P resolution.

  • The app is not working on my PC/Smartphone/Tablet. What should I do?
    Make sure your device is connected to same Wi-Fi as your phone. If not, please try the following steps:
    • Uninstall the application on your phone, download and install Miracast again from the Store.
    • Go to phone settings → Apps → Find Miracast app → Clear cache and data.
    • Restart your phone, then reconnect your phone to Wi-Fi.
    • On PC, go to Settings → Display → Cast screen, and check the box to "Allow Miracast Screenshare".

  • Can I use Miracast on laptop?
    Yes. You can use it on laptop with Windows 8.1 or above.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, the app is used to share videos and other media on the big screen. You can connect your Android device with another device through Wi-Fi. It is a very useful app. You can use it to give presentations, view your PC screen in real time, play PC games on your phone, etc.

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